Instagram Drops is the latest in Social Commerce where brands and influencers can showcase and sell products

Instagram Drops Social Commerce
Drops is the new Social Commerce platform. Pic credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Facebook is aggressively pushing shopping within all its platforms. Instagram, the image-based social media network, has a new “Social Commerce” section called ‘Drops’.

Social media celebrities, brands, and influencers have an additional way to monetize their content on Instagram. A new category or section ‘Drops’ has arrived. It will “help sellers create buzz for forthcoming products in the days and weeks leading up to their availability.”

Limited stock and timebound flash sales are the primary selling techniques of Instagram Drops?

Instagram has a new shopping feature called “Drops.” It is essentially a new tab that opens a feed of potentially trendy products for sale on the app.

Facebook, announced the latest update to shopping this week. Online shopping is an increasingly important category for the social media giant who is trying to compete with Amazon, Google, Pinterest, and other major online retailers.

Facebook launched the Instagram Shop section last year. The platform offered an eCommerce section to showcase products. Instagram Drops is an extension of the same.

Speaking about the platform, Instagram said: “Brands that want to be at the center of culture, community, and commerce are choosing to launch products on Instagram.”

Fashion and apparel brand NOCTA, as well as Wren+Glory and cosmetics company Charlotte Tilbury, have already jumped on board. Moreover, several popular Instagram influencers have their own merchandise which could soon be available on Drops.

The unique aspect of Drops is the supposedly limited stock and flash sales. Potential consumers can discover, browse, and shop the latest products as well as wait for the latest products and view upcoming launches.

Consumers can sign up to receive reminders, and look through products and collections from other Drops that recently took place on Instagram.

How to purchase trendy and popular merchandise on Instagram?

Instagram has clearly adopted several techniques and marketing strategies from other popular smartphone-based eCommerce platforms.

Consumers can buy merchandise directly in Drops available in the Instagram app itself using the Checkout button. There’s no need to visit any external website to complete purchases.

It is quite likely that Instagram will start collecting commissions on every sale. However, the platform has temporarily waived its selling fees.

The platform claims it is being benevolent to help businesses struggling during the pandemic. However, it is also possible that Instagram wants traction and growth before charging sellers, and perhaps, even buyers.

Drops may have appeared this week officially, but brands and influencers have been selling on Instagram and creating a demand for merchandise for quite some time. The new Drops location reportedly organizes the product launches in one place to make it easier to browse and shop.

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