Google Android Auto is now way ahead of Apple CarPlay in terms of features, form, and reliability, but the lead could be temporary

Google Android Auto Apple CarPlay Features Functions Reliability 3D Navigation Comparison
Google races ahead of Apple Inc. but the race isn’t over yet. Pic credit: Aaron Yoo/Flickr

Ever since Google effectively detached Android Auto from portable devices, the platform is steadily improving in form, function, and finesse. Apple CarPlay, on the other hand, seems to be barely trying to catch up.

Apple Inc. CarPlay has been the most reliable alternative to Android Auto. It was way more stable as it normally did not encounter glitches or gave trouble syncing with the car’s infotainment dashboard. That is no longer the case.

Google listened to Android Auto users and incorporated some of the most requested features in the recent update:

Android Auto was once tightly integrated with the Android Operating System for mobile devices. Google clearly wanted its OS to help vehicle owners and drivers navigate. And hence, the search giant made it extremely easy to use the navigation function on a car’s dashboard using an Android smartphone.

However, Google has been gradually deprecating Android Auto for portable devices. At the same time, the company has been pushing Assistant Driving Mode for Android smartphones. The transition is prominently visible in Android 12.

As a result of this detachment, Android Auto as a standalone platform is now free to improve, and Google has been doing exactly the same.

Android Auto is now way more stable than its previous iteration. Moreover, users do not have to struggle with simple yet critical functions.

Simply put, features such as syncing a portable device, listening to songs through the car’s speakers, are easier than before. These functions are stable and reliable as well, due to refinements in software and better hardware.

Google even reportedly added support for Dual SIM. This means users will soon be able to choose which SIM to use while making a phone call through Android Auto.

The platform has even received a new notification center, more settings to let users configure what apps run on startup, and other convenience-focused functions. Users are also getting simple games to play while their car is stationary.

Apple CarPlay is now the ‘struggling platform’ as iPhone maker pushes Apple Maps?

The United States of America has a substantial number of Apple iPhone users. This demographic has largely relied on Apple CarPlay instead of Android Auto.

However, Apple Inc. seems to be dragging its feet with CarPlay. Many iPhone users expected Apple Inc. to offer features that rival Google’s offering. Needless to say, there has been a lot of disappointment.

Instead of new features with reliable performance, iOS 15 seems to have brought instability. Several Apple iPhone users with iOS 15 witnessed CarPlay crashing when they tried to play music through their car’s speakers. Then there are numerous complaints about connectivity.

Apple Inc. seems to have focused on its own Apple Maps. Several users have appreciated the new 3D Navigation. But this feature is only available for iPhone users right now.

Google claims there are over 100 million cars out there using Android Auto wirelessly. And this number keeps growing. It clearly looks like Apple Inc. needs to step up its game.

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