Google Chrome ‘Duplex on the Web’ discovers passwords compromised in data breaches even as it tries to retire them

Google Chrome Passwords Assistant Duplex on the Web
Change compromised passwords easily. Pic credit: Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay

Google Chrome can not only alert users about their compromised passwords but also offer to quickly change them. With Duplex on the Web platform, Google Assistant could get a lot better at proactively warning internet users.

Google may be trying to slowly retire passwords with its ‘Authenticator’ platforms and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). But the company’s browser will also actively assist internet users in changing compromised passwords.

Google Assistant will display a “Change password” button to help users quickly change their login credentials:

Google is rolling out a new feature for the Chrome browser. Currently available only on Android, the feature can help users change passwords compromised in data breaches.

Google Chrome already helps users to check if their login credentials are compromised in the numerous data breaches that are scarily common. With the rollout of the new automated password change feature, it will also allow users to change them automatically.

Google recommends internet users regularly conduct an audit about their login credentials. Moving ahead, Google Assistant will also display a “Change password” button that will instruct Chrome to navigate to the website.

Users can visit the website to manually update passwords. However, the new feature can go through the entire password change process on its own.

Speaking about the new feature, Patrick Nepper, Google Chrome Senior Product Manager, said: “Powered by Duplex on the Web, Assistant takes over the tedious parts of web browsing: scrolling, clicking and filling forms, and allows you to focus on what’s important to you”

“And now we’re expanding these capabilities even further by letting you quickly create a strong password for certain sites and apps when Chrome determines your credentials have been leaked online.”

Duplex on the Web offers multiple features for Google Chrome on Android:

Duplex on the Web is one of the multi-faceted tools that Google offers. The search giant introduced the tool back in 2019.

It helps users complete various web tasks, including ordering food, checking into flights, buying movie tickets, and now automatically changing compromised passwords.

Google also announced that the Chrome for Android password manager would receive several enhancements such as:

  • A new tool that makes it easy to import passwords from other password managers.
  • Deeper integrations with Chrome and Android to seamlessly fill your passwords across sites and apps, regardless of whether you’re on desktop or mobile.
  • Password Alerts automatically warn you of saved passwords that have been compromised via a third-party breach.
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