Google Maps can turn into Android Auto: New Driving Mode with Google Assistant transforms navigation app into phone hub with all functions

Google Maps Driving Mode Navigation Android Auto
Google Maps can become Android Auto with a new mode. Pic credit: Photo Mix/Pixabay

Google Maps has a new Driving Mode and it is now exiting limited beta testing. The new Google Assistant driving mode bundled with Google Maps turns the app into a complete phone hub.

The new mode inside Google Maps will go live as a preview in more regions across the world. The feature debuted in the United States a few months ago.

Google Maps can become an alternative to Android Auto for phones:

The Driving Mode essentially turns the navigation app into a hub for the complete phone experience for drivers. The navigation aspect will obviously remain central and most prominent but the mode offers quick and non-intrusive access to other features.

With the new mode, Google Maps essentially becomes an alternative to Android Auto for phones. This is because Google has clearly designed the mode with Android Auto in mind.

The interface of the Driving Mode is clearly inspired by Android Auto. Moreover, the features within the mode are quite similar.

The new feature allows users to make calls, control the music playback, and read their messages from just one place. All the functions also benefit from Google Assistant integration.

Google has clearly designed Driving Mode to minimize distractions and multiple interactions with the mobile device. Hence, the mode activates extra-large buttons that are useful but few in number.

Additionally, the Driving Mode allows users to do everything without closing the navigation interface. This means users have ready and instant access to directions no matter what they do on the device.

Google Maps Driving Mode exits beta testing in the United States but iOS iPhone users may not get the feature:

Google had been experimenting with the Driving Mode within Google Maps in the United States. The feature recently went live in Germany. Both the regions received “Preview” versions of the platform.

Now Google is extending the feature to new countries, including Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, India, and Singapore. The mode will be available in the English language only.

The Android OS maker has restricted the availability of Driving Mode to Android smartphones only. The search giant has not offered any indication about offering the feature to Apple iPhone users.

The Google Assistant Driving Mode in Google Maps needs a smartphone with at least Android 9 OS and 4GB of RAM to function reliably. Interested users should make sure their device meets all requirements, and if they live in a supported region.

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