Remove photobombers, objects, and humans from photos for free: is an online service based on Samsung Research open-source project Website Remove Background Objects For Free
The website removes undesired background objects for free. Pic credit: Juno Namkoong Lee/Flickr

Apple Inc. iPhone iOS 15 camera has a feature that removes humans or photobombers in the background of a photo. is a relatively new website that is offering this same feature for free. It is based on an open-source project from Samsung Research.

A feature that complex and bulk photo-editing software offer is now available for free. A website is offering anyone with a web browser the ability to cleanly remove multiple undesired objects from photos. has a very limited interface, but works well to remove background objects in a photo:

Nearly every photo has some undesired components. Be it a stranger or some random undesired objects, Internet users routinely hunt for solutions that offer to remove background objects.

There are plenty of tools and solutions out there that offer this function. However, most of these products require users to download a program or application, and several require a subscription or one-time payment. is a website that offers to remove multiple background objects. The website has extremely limited features and functions though.

To remove photobombers or other objects from a photo, simply drag and drop the same into the website. Then, hold down the left mouse button over the part of the image where there are undesired objects. The website does all the work, and presents an image devoid of the undesired objects.

Currently, the website allows users to adjust the size of the brush, and nothing more. The brush size defines the chosen area.

Users cannot zoom in to an image to finetune mark the area. Moreover, the website seems to reduce the resolution of the processed image. does allow users to compare the before and after images side-by-side. The website even offers a convenient slider to examine the effect.

Are there any privacy risks associated with using a website to manipulate personal images? uses LaMa: Resolution-robust Large Mask Inpainting with Fourier Convolutions. It is an open-source project from Samsung Research. Interested users can check the same on GitHub. too is open source, and available on GitHub.  ClipDrop engineering team has offered the website and platform.

It is important to note that users must always exercise caution while uploading their images to any website. This particular website offers some assurances about respecting user privacy.

According to some users, renounce creative rights over the picture edits. The website also promises that no human gets to see any uploads. Moreover, the website assures it does not keep images longer than necessary to complete the object recognition and removal process. The images are auto-deleted after an hour from upload, regardless.

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