Tinder and other Match Group-owned apps to offer ‘background checks’ using public records

Tinder Garbo Background Checks
Tinder offering background checks is contradictory to the platform’s usual practices? Pic credit: Athree23/Pixabay

Tinder, along with its parent company Match Group, is actively working with Garbo, a non-profit company to verify potential dates and romantic companions. The internet-based match-making company could soon allow members to run background checks of their potential matches.

The online dating game is about to transform significantly due to the Match Group’s investment in Garbo. The latter runs a non-profit organization that scrutinizes public records to hunt for a criminal past.

Tinder users will be able to check if their dates have any arrest record or history of violence:

Tinder is about is start helping customers find out if their potential dating partner has a criminal record. The online dating platform, along with the Match Group’s other digital properties, should soon benefit from Garbo.

To date, people using Tinder have no idea about the person they are about to spend an evening with. The platform relies on user-submitted information. Needless to say, the information can be inadequate or even false.

Garbo allows people to find out whether someone they are interacting with has a criminal record. The non-profit organization scans through publicly available records and other court actions, such as a restraining order.

Match Group may integrate Garbo’s service into Tinder later this year. However, many of the details have yet to be finalized.

The integration could make Garbo available within multiple dating services that the Match Group offers. The company has indicated it is about to make a significant “seven-figure” contribution to Garbo. The investment should enable Garbo to hire engineers and rapidly accelerate its national expansion.

Speaking about the endeavor, Match Group safety head Tracey Breeden said: “This is an industry first. There have not been any background check options in the dating industry.”

How will Garbo help users of online dating platforms users?

Garbo claims it collects “public records and reports of violence or abuse, including arrests, convictions, restraining orders, harassment, and other violent crimes”. Its website mentions the organization accepts manually submitted “police report(s), order(s) of protection / restraining orders, and other legal documents that report abuse, harassment, or other crimes.”

According to recent reports, the manual submission facility is currently inactive. Interestingly, Garbo has noted that it won’t publicize drug possession charges. The organization confirms it has to take an “active stance toward equity.”

Incidentally, Garbo’s services won’t be free for Tinder users. Match Group hasn’t indicated any pricing yet. But the company has hinted that it wants the service accessible to most users.

The company will begin testing and building out capabilities for Garbo on Tinder in the coming months. Moreover, after successful trials, platforms such as OkCupid, Hinge, and Match, could offer Garbo’s services.

The Match Group is clearly trying to offer better safety and surety while using its services and platforms. It is indeed industry-first and could become a precedent.

However, Garbo’s tool isn’t live yet. Hence, there’s no assurance about accuracy or verifications. Nonetheless, the Match Group’s initiative seems to go completely opposite of Tinder’s traditional approach of detaching personal details for quick romance.

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