AMD transitioning its CPUs from AM4 PGA to AM5 LGA 1718 socket, but will ensure older fan, water, and AIO coolers continue working

New AMD AM5 socketed CPU, but same older Cooler? Pic credit: AMD

AMD processors are about to undergo a fundamental change in their physical shape. However, the company is trying hard to ensure coolers that worked on the previous AMD AM4 generation, are compatible with the new AMD AM5 sockets.

Central Processing Units or CPUs from AMD will shift from Pin Grid Array (PGA) to Land Grid Array (LGA). Hence, they will also need a new generation of sockets on the motherboards. But the company is reportedly engineering the new socket to accept old CPU coolers.

AMD AM5 LGA 1718 socket layout and heatsink TDP requirements leak:

AMD CPUs will not have the iconic pins protruding from them. Instead, the new processors will have small dots which the Intel CPUs have. The transition from Pin Grid Array (PGA) to Land Grid Array (LGA) is significant for AMD processors.

The new AM5 sockets will accept the new AMD CPUs. The AM4 socket is undoubtedly one of the oldest and offers the best compatibility to date.

The AMD AM5 LGA 1718 socket will feature support for next-gen Ryzen Desktop CPUs and APUs. The first design schematics of the AM5 socket have leaked.

As for TDP requirements, the AMD AM5 CPU platform will feature six different segments. The top-end ZEN 4-based CPUs will have a TDP of 170 Watts.

The flagship AMD CPU that will slot inside the AM5 socket will need capable liquid coolers to keep the aggressively clocked chip with higher voltages and with CPU overclocking, under manageable temperatures.

The CPUs below the flagship will have a TDP in the range of 120 Watts. A high-performance cooler should suffice for these processors.

The entry and middle-level AMD AM5 CPUs reportedly have SR1/SR2a/SR4 thermal segments. This means the CPUs will work reliably with standard heatsink solutions. However, if users overclock these processors, they would have to upgrade their coolers.

AMD ZEN4 CPUs inside the new CPU socket will work with older-generation AM4 cooling solutions?

Speaking of buying new CPU coolers, AMD seems to be trying hard to ensure its new generation of CPUs work with coolers that worked with AM4 sockets.

A leaked technical document linked to AMD’s future desktop CPU Socket AM5 indicates the socket’s cooler compatibility will stay the same with the retiring Socket AM4.

The leaked paper discloses that the Socket AM5 has identical retention clips that the CPU coolers for AM4 sockets use. Additionally, the mount-hole spacing and location would be identical to that of Socket AM4.

Simply put, buyers who purchase and install the new AMD ZEN 4 LGA CPUs, will not need to buy a new high-performance cooler. AMD usually bundles a standard heatsink and cooler with its entry-level processors.

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