‘Apple Music Wrapped’: How to see your year in review via Replay

Apple Music Wrapped 2020
“Apple Music Wrapped” needs a lot of improvement. Pic credit: Apple

Spotify Wrapped 220 Edition is here, and so is “Apple Music Wrapped”. Apple Music Replay is an alternative to Spotify Wrapped. It grants Apple Music subscribers access to details on their most listened to songs, albums, and artists of the year. However, Apple treats its music lovers a little differently or rather, indifferently.

The “Apple Music Wrapped” 2020 Edition is really called the 2020 Replay. However, unlike Spotify Wrapped 2020, which arrives only in December, Apple Music Replay is available all year round. Simply put, users can access their ‘Replay’ at any point during the year, not just in December.

How to access Apple Music Wrapped?

When Spotify Wrapped arrives, the global music streaming service makes it an event. In other words, the company prominently displays ways to access the feature. However, Apple does not offer any such facility for Replay.

To access Replay 2020 by Apple, users have to go to the Apple Music “Listen Now” tab. However, Apple has kept this area quite limited. But the area does offer the Apple Music Wrapped for previous years as well. To drill down into the songs, albums, and artists data, users must visit the Apple Music website.

To find the personalized Apple Music Replay 2020 year-in-review, users need to visit replay.music.apple.com in the Safari browser. The browser is available on a number of devices and operating systems, but Apple users will benefit from the Safari browser for macOS or iPad OS. After going to the website there will be options to sign-in along with all the details on the user’s Apple Music listening habits throughout the year.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 Edition better than Apple Music Wrapped?

Apple Music Wrapped isn’t an old feature. The iPhone maker introduced the feature last year. In other words, ‘Replay 2019’ was the first version. Apple claimed the feature allows users to check out the year’s retrospective with the songs and artists they have listened to the most.

Users can add playlists with their 100 most played songs every year, which are automatically generated by Apple Music. It is apparent that Apple launched the Replay feature to compete with Spotify Wrapped.

However, the company appears to have fallen way short. The feature appears to be far more analytical and drabber when compared to Spotify’s offering.

The 2020 edition of Spotify Wrapped arrived this week, and it brought with it some cool charts and artworks. Spotify deliberately designed the feature so that users will share their listening habits on social networks. In comparison, Apple Music Replay has nothing to offer.

Apple Music Wrapped or Replay 2020 doesn’t generate stories, images, or anything worth sharing or posting. The company has chosen to deploy a web page with a simple list of the user’s most listened to songs and artists.

Apple Music doesn’t seem much bothered by the barrage of disappointing posts about Replay 2020 on social media platforms. The company hasn’t yet offered any indication about revamping the feature.

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