Spotify Wrapped: How to see your 2020 slideshow

Spotify Wrapped 2020 artwork
The Spotify Wrapped 2020 Edition is here. Pic credit: Spotify

Spotify Wrapped has become something of a tradition for the global music streaming platform. Every year, Spotify gives users a personalized breakdown of their listening habits over the year.

It is an interesting trip down memory lane, and also offers some insights into the listening habits and patterns. Most importantly, Spotify Wrapped grants users a way to find personalized and heavily curated as well as relatable playlists on the Spotify app as well as desktop.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 Edition announced. Here’s how to see your 2020 slideshow:

Spotify Wrapped 2020 is out. Regular users of the music streaming service should see the feature in their Android or iOS app. The section shows users the top songs, artists, and genres that they have heard throughout the year.

The feature also shows some interesting insights like how many times a user has streamed a single track and which artist they have heard the most.

Incidentally, Spotify Wrapped has been optimized to be fun and it can certainly be shared on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In fact, Spotify clearly wants its users to share their listening habits with the world.

The Spotify Wrapped 2020 Edition is shown in an Instagram story-like format that users can share on multiple social media channels. But first, users will have to locate their own Spotify Wrapped 2020.

To find the personalized Spotify Wrapped 2020 Edition, head over to the official location here. Then enter the Spotify ID and password. That’s it.

What’s new in Spotify Wrapped 2020 Edition?

After logging in, users will be able to open the playlist of their top songs in order. The website will also showcase the Missed Hits and On Record. These are essentially personalized lists of songs and artists that users might like. Needless to add, these lists were created based on the users’ past activities on the app.

The website will also show which songs users tuned to the most this year and also how many minutes users spent listening to certain artists. It will also show an infographic about top songs. Spotify will also offer a curated playlist of the user’s top 100 tracks of the year. Besides, there are quite a few small tweaks.

Spotify has added a quiz this year that starts when the feature is first accessed. It is a fun quiz that essentially asks a few basic questions. Thereafter, the app shows the history of songs played as well as a breakdown of podcasts.

The music streaming service has also introduced a few badges this year. These are essentially virtual awards for accessing certain sections of the service, garnering followers, etc. Moreover, for the first time, the service has opened up access to casual or free users as well.

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