Facebook to embed ‘minimally interruptive’ ads inside short-form video for increased content monetization for creators

Facebook Content Monetization Short Video Ads
Facebook pushing Content Monetization. Pic credit: Firmbee/Pixabay

Facebook is bringing ads to short-form videos for better content monetization. The social media giant claims more content creators will now be able to monetize their creations.

After witnessing enhanced revenue generation between 2019 and 2020, Facebook is now going ahead with inserting ads even in short videos. The social media giant is also testing ‘Sticker Ads’ inside the ‘Stories’ feature.

Facebook expanding ‘Content Monetization Services’ to ‘help people’:

Facebook has revealed, from 2019 to 2020, the percentage of content creators earning $10,000 per month grew by 88 percent. Similarly, those earning up to $1,000 per month grew by 94 percent.

Simply put, Facebook has clearly experienced exponential growth in the amount that content creators can generate from viewers, subscribers, and potential customers. The prolonged pandemic, forcing people to stay indoors, could be a major factor in the phenomenal jump in revenue.

To date, Content Monetization services, or simply put, ads, were allowed and available within three-minute or longer videos. The ads would usually start at the 45-second mark, but not before.

Starting this week, Facebook is allowing ads inside videos that are much shorter in length. In other words, viewers will now get ads in any and all videos, irrespective of the duration.

Facebook claims the ads inside short-form videos will be “minimally interruptive”. It is not immediately clear what the term means. However, it is possible the social media giant would ensure the ads aren’t longer than the actual video.

Facebook testing ‘Sticker Ads’ and improving ‘Stars’”:

Facebook has confirmed it is testing Sticker Ads in the Stories feature. These are minuscule, and supposedly non-disruptive ads that the social media company will display on top of Stories.

As “Stickers”, these ads will reportedly “sit on the user’s screen without breaking the Story that they are watching and if used well shouldn’t be disruptive.”

Facebook is testing Sticker Ads with a small group of content creators. The group is small but should grow in the coming weeks. If the test is a success, Facebook could use short-form videos as well, to display the Sticker Ads.

Apart from short-form video monetization, Facebook is also reportedly improving ‘Stars’. Viewers can send Stars to content creators.

According to the company, viewers have sent six billion stars to content creators through their content. This roughly translates to $60 Million into the content creators’ account.

As part of the improvement drive, Facebook will offer free Stars to viewers, which they can shower, virtually, on content creators. The company is reportedly spending $7 million on the program.

Facebook has a dedicated Creator Studio that offers detailed help and guides about content monetization. It also includes guidelines, eligibility criteria, and multiple options for tweaking strategies that can improve exposure and monetization.

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