Google Play Store ‘Data Restore Tool’ could be a migration tool for Apple iPhone owners who wish to switch to an Android smartphone

Data Restore Tool Android Play Store Apple iOS iPhone
Reliable data migration tool for iPhone to Android smartphone? Pic credit: Mighty Kenny/Flickr

Google could be developing an app that offers Apple iPhone owners a simple data migration tool. The newly listed ‘Data Restore Tool’ could be an app that helps Android smartphones to safely and securely pull all relevant user data from an Apple iPhone during a switchover.

Apple Inc. already has a ‘Move to iOS’ app on the Google Play Store. But there was no standalone, comprehensive, and reliable app for those who wish to migrate to an Android smartphone from an iOS device, until recently.

Google Android Play Store Data Transfer Tool now has Data Restore Tool as well:

Google listed “Data Transfer Tool,” way back in 2017. However, a new app called ‘Data Restore Tool’ also has its own app listing on the Google Android Play Store.

The earlier app promised to transfer all the relevant files and data to a new Android device. In other words, Google has been offering a reliable data migration tool, but mainly for Android to Android devices only.

Hence, it is not clear why Google has listed Data Restore Tool on the Play Store. Officially, the app lets users restore information when setting up a new Android.

“This system app helps you to restore data from your old phone using a cable or a cloud backup. The app is already installed on your Android device.”

Incidentally, the Data Restore Tool came in-built on every Android smartphone. It is not clear exactly when, but all the modern-day Android iterations have had the tool.

Recent versions of Android devices usually bring up the tool whenever the OS detects new device activation. However, users can also activate the same from Settings.

Interestingly, reports indicate the newly listed app is behaving erratically. For example, the option to download the new version only appears if an Android smartphone owner opens the listing manually. The app or tool does not show up in the usual “Manage apps & device” list.

Could the new app be especially for Apple iPhone owners who wish to switch over to an Android smartphone?

The newly listed Data Restore Tool appears identical to the previously listed Data Transfer Tool. Both the listings even have the same screenshots.

Some reports suggest the tool could exclusively help Apple iPhone owners switch over to Android mobile phones. It is not clear why Google has named the app Data Restore Tool.

It is quite likely that Google might just rename the app to “Switch to Android”. Moreover, it is important that Google must list the app on the Apple App Store.

However, the company seems to be taking a different approach. The app reportedly tells the user to download a “Switch to Android” app from the App Store. Once downloaded, the app then urges users to go to Wi-Fi settings on their iPhone to connect to their newly acquired Android phone using a Wi-Fi hotspot.

At present, Google merely offers a guide called “Switch to Android” that explains how iPhone users can back up their contacts, photos, videos, and calendar events using the Google Drive app. However, this is obviously cumbersome.

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