Microsoft Edge web browser ‘Vertical Tabs’ could go right while Windows 10 to have a ‘floating’ button for quick search

Microsoft Edge Browser
Microsoft Edge getting multiple features. Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is rapidly improving the Edge web browser. While the Vertical Tabs feature could gain a new location, the browser is also getting a floating button to act as a widget.

Microsoft is testing multiple new features for the Edge browser. These features should allow users to better manage Chromium Edge on Windows 10.

Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser can shift to the right:

The new Chromium-based browser recently gained the ability to display open tabs vertically. Microsoft could soon allow users to shift the location of the feature to the right side of the screen.

When the company introduced Vertical tabs, users had the option of retaining the original horizontal layout at the top or shift the tabs to the left of the screen.

The current layout for vertical tabs is a big improvement over the traditional layout. Besides easy vertical scrolling, the new layout also prevents accidental tab closures.

The Vertical Tabs feature also allows users to rearrange multiple tabs at once by using a keyboard shortcut or cursor. Microsoft is now planning to allow users to move Vertical Tabs to the right side of the screen.

Discussing the slight improvement, Microsoft said: “This is something we’ve seen requests not only submitted to us directly but also on our social channels! The team is currently reviewing this item.”

The ability to change the location from left to right could benefit several users who keep the computer mouse on the right. Moreover, the design aesthetics seem to match the Action and Notification Center of Windows 10.

Edge Web Widget to get floating button and Search-only layout:

Microsoft has been testing a new Widget that brings Bing search and Personalized news feed to the desktop. The updated widget includes a floating button that allows users to enter a search query without first having to open the web browser.

The floating button widget for the Microsoft Edge browser seems similar to the Firefox Picture-in picture button. A few weeks ago, Microsoft introduced the News and Interests feature for Windows 10 taskbar.

These features rely on Microsoft Edge and Bing search powers them both. Needless to add, Microsoft appears to be pushing use case scenarios and opportunities for its platforms.

In addition to Dashboard and Vertical layouts, the floating Search Widget provides Search only layout option as well. Activating the same puts a Bing-powered search bar without headlines and weather.

Users can enable or disable the floating button by selecting the option in the Gear icon menu. Minimizing the widget, makes the floating button appear on the desktop and on top of Windows apps.

If closed, users can relaunch it by clicking Settings and menu > Settings >New Tab Page >Launch web widget. Toggling the “Show web widget when you start your computer” setting allows showing or hiding the same after Windows 10 boots up.

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