Microsoft hasn’t included Skype and Meet Now into Windows 11 for a reason: ‘Teams for Life’ could become a unified communication platform

Microsoft Teams for Life Skype Meet Now
Is Skype retiring? Pic credit: PT/Flickr

Microsoft could offer a singular, unified communications platform that could replace both Skype and Meet Now. A mystery app, called ‘Teams for Life’ could become the primary audio, video, and text-based communication within Windows 11.

It seems Microsoft might not be interested in maintaining multiple communication and collaboration platforms for the Windows operating system. The company is reportedly fusing Skype and Meet Now and could offer a new unified, singular solution with a simplified User Interface (UI).

Skype Personal and for Business missing from Windows 11 for a strong reason:

The leaked ISO of Windows 11 does not contain Skype. Needless to mention, Skype was Microsoft’s all-weather communication and collaboration platform before Microsoft Teams arrived.

The absence of Skype and Meet Now led to multiple speculations and rumors about Microsoft retiring the platforms. Incidentally, though Skype was a pioneer of PC-based communication, Microsoft gradually brought forth the Teams platform.

Recently a new “Meet & Chat” button in the code appeared which seemed to execute a Teams version. The program was primarily suited for online chatting on a Windows PC.

Another Tweet now claims that Microsoft will soon publish “Teams for Life” software. The app offers the basic communication and collaboration functions of Microsoft Teams.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft could be developing Teams for Life for Windows 10 OS as well. This also suggests that Microsoft could finally be retiring Skype.

Although Skype was immensely popular, it could not capture the audience during the pandemic, which witnessed a surge in platforms such as Zoom. Businesses, however, have welcomed Microsoft Teams.

Teams for Life to offer individual Windows 11 PC users a robust communication platform?

Microsoft included Meet Now in Windows 10 build 19043.1055. However, the company has removed the same from version 1043.1081 as well as within the Cumulative Update KB5003690.

But, there will also be a need for a reliable communication platform, even for individuals who use a Windows PC. Hence, it is quite likely that Microsoft could be readying a simplified, unified, and feature-packed communications platform for Windows 11.

The functions and features of Teams of Life are still unclear. The leaked build of Windows 11 does not contain any variant of the app.

Incidentally, with each update, Skype has started to resemble Microsoft Teams. Simply put, Skype could very easily be “Teams for personal or private use”.

Although Skype usage hasn’t risen, it has always remained one of the must-have apps. Several Windows PC users have a Skype ID.

Hence, it is not clear how Microsoft will proceed while retiring Skype and replacing Meet Now with Teams for Life.

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