Microsoft transitions Windows 10 Version 2004 to Broad Deployment Channel which extends the update availability to every OS installation

Windows 10 Update
Windows 10 v2004 in ‘Broad Deployment’ Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has transitioned Windows 10 version 2004 to the Broad Deployment Channel. This means last year’s major Cumulative Feature Update is now open to every Windows 10 PC.

The Windows 10 v2004 is now available for every Windows 10 user. Also known as the 20H1 or May 2020 Cumulative Feature Update, PC users will get the same via Windows Update. The development is important for the Windows 10 operating system because this update has been under limited availability for almost an entire year.

Why did Microsoft restrict the availability of Windows 10 v2004, 20H1, May 2020 Cumulative Feature Update?

The Windows 10 v2004 was the first major feature update for Windows 10 OS that Microsoft released in May 2020. The Cumulative Feature update was significant and troublesome for many Windows 10 PCs.

The update introduced several issues including BSOD, system freezes, crashes, abnormal behavior, etc. Microsoft assured that it had thoroughly tested the Cumulative Feature Update. However, the large number of permutations and combinations of hardware made it quite difficult to ensure the update functioned correctly on all the Windows 10 PCs.

As the backlash grew, Microsoft placed an ‘Upgrade Block’ on Windows 10 v2004 or 20H1 or May 2020 Cumulative Feature Update. The company then re-engineered the update. However, the update remained largely restricted for the rest of 2020.

Simply put, Windows 10 Version 2004 is not the latest Windows 10 version. However, Microsoft hadn’t still fully released the same for users of older versions. Windows 10 v2004 remained stalled because there were a number of update blocks, such as errors with Kerberos authentication, with Thunderbolt SSDs, and with abruptly missing certificates.

Windows 10 Version 2004, 20H1, May 2020 Cumulative Feature Update ‘Upgrade Block’ completely lifted:

In a status update on the Windows Health Dashboard, Microsoft has officially confirmed that Windows 10 v2004 is now in Broad Deployment Channel:

“Windows 10, Version 2004 is intended for broad deployment. The recommended maintenance status is Semi-Annual Channel.”

The Broad Deployment Channel is supposed to follow the “Targeted Deployment Channel” in a matter of few months. Targeted deployment refers to the phase immediately after the release of a new Windows version.

Only after Targeted Development is successful to a large extent with minimal troubles, does Microsoft transition an update to the Broad Deployment Channel. Needless to add, the Windows 10 v2004 remained in the same phase for a long period.

Incidentally, Windows 10 20H1 is not the only Cumulative Feature Update to remain stuck. Even the Windows 10 Version 1909, initially released in the second half of 2019, remained stuck for quite some time.

With Windows 10 v2004 or 20H1 or May 2020 Cumulative Feature Update officially into the Broad Deployment Channel, more users will have access to the same. Technically, all Windows 10 OS users who are on the older version of the OS should get the update.

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