Motorola teases ‘Space Charging’ gear: Next-gen air-gapped wireless charger that can recharge up to 4 mobile devices 3 meters away

Motorola Space Charging True Next Gen Wireless Recharge
True next-gen wireless charger from Motorola. Pic credit: Andrew Greenland/Flickr

After Xiaomi and Oppo, even Motorola is now actively working to develop a reliable wireless charger codenamed Space Charging gear. All these companies are developing solutions that not just ditch the wire, but also eliminate the need to place a device on a mat.

Wireless chargers are now ubiquitous. An average smartphone user may have multiply strewn around the house, workplace, and even inside vehicles. Companies, now including Motorola, are now developing real “next generation” wireless chargers that beam energy over a distance.

Motorola to address a glaring and crippling limitation of all modern-day wireless chargers:

Wireless chargers aren’t a new technology. However, all present-day wireless chargers have a severe limitation. Users have to place the device that needs charging, on a charging mat.

The wireless chargers available today, cannot reliably beam energy that can recharge a device, more than a few millimeters. This means users have to abandon their device, while the wireless charger gradually recharges the device.

True next-gen wireless chargers could address this glaring and crippling limitation. As Xiaomi and Oppo have recently demonstrated, powerful wireless chargers can actually beam electricity wirelessly across multiple meters.

Presumably inspired by the technology, Motorola is developing its own Space Charging gear. The company teased its own true next-gen wireless charger on the Chinese social media website Weibo.

Motorola Space Charging gear can juice up multiple smartphones up to 3 meters away with 16,000 antennae:

Motorola claims its Space Charging gear can wirelessly beam electricity to up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously. These devices have to merely be in the same room and should be in front of the device.

Space Charging can reportedly reach up to four devices at a 100-degree coverage angle. The devices must be within 3 meters from the seemingly non-movable charger.

The company has indicated that the Motorola Space Charging gear has a whopping 16,000 antennae, which, an independent charging management chip, controls. The next-gen wireless charger can also effectively, and presumably, actively, dissipate the internal heat.

Reports also indicate Motorola’s new technology can recognize a human body to pause its power automatically to avoid causing harm to humans.

All this advanced technology is, however, very limited in its charging capacity. Charging speeds seemingly do not exceed mere 5 Watts. This is way lower than most modern-day wireless chargers but matches Xiaomi Mi Air Charge.

Given the limited charging capacity, it is quite likely that Motorola Space Charging gear would ensure devices do not rapidly discharge. Unless the charging speed improves drastically, the technology might only prevent a device from switching off due to lack of power.

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