Tesla Full Self Driving Beta v10 rolls out: ‘Autonomous’ car maneuvering system will need $10K payment, consent, and good behind-the-wheel habits?

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta Access Atunomous Vehicle Steering Program
Autonomous driving with an alert driver as a premium software upgrade for $10,000. Pic credit: Maurizio Pesce/Flickr

Every owner of a Tesla car, be it Model S, 3, X, and Y, will have access to the company’s “Full Self Driving” system. The latest version of the fully autonomous steering system, will, however, require payment, driver/owner consent, and good driving habits.

Tesla has started allowing owners to request access to its “Full Self-Driving” software. It might be the most advanced nearly autonomous driver-assistance suite yet. However, there are quite a few conditions that drivers must meet to qualify.

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta v10 out for everybody to apply and acquire:

As promised, Tesla has released their Full Self Driving Beta version 10 widely to users. Owners of Tesla cars, must, however, pay $10,000 or avail a $100/$200 per month subscription.

Mere payment does not guarantee access to a Tesla car. And the system does not claim to truly drive the car with absolutely no intervention from a driver or his absence in the driving wheel.

Interested Tesla vehicle owners will need to agree to let the company monitor their driving behavior through the company insurance calculator. If the company deems the driving habits are good over a 7-day period, Tesla will grant access to the beta program.

The company has offered a short guide about the FSD program and the requirements it mandates the drivers must meet to qualify. Tesla quantifies good driving skills as Safety Scores on a 100-point scale.

Safer driving obviously secures higher scores. Tesla has reportedly indicated that “most drivers” — which we take to fit Musk’s idea of “good” driving — will score an 80 or higher.

How to secure access to the FSD program in a Tesla car?

To request access to the FSD (Full Self Driving Beta v10) program, vehicle owners have to press a newly-added button on their car’s dashboard. Needless to mention, interested participants will also automatically agree to let Tesla monitor their driving behavior.

Incidentally, even the name: Full Self-Driving or FSD, is reportedly misleading. Additionally, it can be an exaggeration by industry and regulatory standards. This is because a driver must be present behind the driving wheel at all times and must remain alert.

So far, Tesla has offered the FSD program to about 2,000 beta testers. The company proudly claims that there has been no accident in the whole year of testing the program.

The Full Self Driving program is actually a premium upgrade. Tesla car owners will have to pay $10,000 for the FSD software upgrade. Customers do have an option to pay either $100 per month or $200 per month depending on the version of Autopilot.

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