Facebook Pages stripped of ‘Like’ count, focus now on ‘Followers’, ‘News Feed’ and ‘Q&A’

Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages are getting more interactive. Pic credit: Kevin King/Pixabay

Facebook has revamped the ‘Facebook Page’ platform that allows individuals, brands, and noted personalities to effectively communicate with their target audience. The most notable changes include the complete removal of the ‘Like’ count and the introduction of features that promote engagement.

Facebook Pages has received a major overhaul. The social media giant had been attempting to rework the entire Pages concept to bring in a sense of engagement, reduce the clutter and frivolity.

Facebook Page experience undergoes major changes for creators and public figures:

Facebook Pages have become one of the must-have sub-platforms inside the Facebook ecosystem. The Pages go way beyond a personal Facebook Account and a News Feed of individuals, brands, and companies.

Despite the popularity of Facebook Pages, the sub-platform had significant limitations and restrictions. The Pages couldn’t interact with anyone. Meanwhile, the Like button had been relegated to being a courtesy, instead of a real metric of performance.

New Facebook Pages
Pic credit: Facebook

Hence, Facebook has made some significant changes to Facebook Pages. The company announced the new Pages experience in a blog post. The social media giant confirmed the overhaul is rolling out gradually. Here are the new key features/changes:

  • A redesigned layout that’s simpler and more intuitive
  • Dedicated News Feed to discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans
  • Easy navigation between personal profile and Pages
  • Updated task-based admin controls giving trusted Page admins full control or partial access
  • Actionable insights and more relevant notifications
  • Safety and integrity features to detect spammy content and impersonator accounts

No more Like count while a Page can respond through News Feed:

One of the biggest changes in the new Facebook Pages design is the complete removal of “Likes.” The Likes count was being misrepresented as the Page’s popularity.

In reality, the Likes were of no actual consequence. Studies found many Facebook users had merely “Liked” a Page as a favor to a friend after receiving a formal or informal request. However, the interaction was completely absent.

Facebook also indicated many users had once “Liked” a Page, but later unfollowed the Page to remove its updates from their News Feed. The reasons could be a declining interest, but the “Like” continued to remain visible as a statistic while the users had already declined to receive the Facebook Page’s updates.

Facebook has indicated that the “Followers” are the true metrics of performance. The company claims the actual Follower Count of a Facebook Page is a better indication of how many people are true fans who are actually receiving updates from the Page.

Facebook Pages will now get their own News Feed. This directly means the Facebook Page itself can participate in conversations.

In other words, instead of an individual, the Page can follow trends and interact with their fans. Additionally, the tweaked Facebook Page algorithm will also suggest public figures, other Pages, Groups, and trending content for the Page to interact with.

Facebook Pages to get a new Q&A section and more granular control over content management:

Quite possibly inspired by Instagram, wherein creators take questions from fans and answer them in Stories, Facebook Pages will now have a similar Q&A section. However, in the case of the Facebook Pages, followers can ask the Page questions about a topic. Whenever the Page answers, those become a stack of questions and answers that people can read.

Such a feature is clearly aimed at businesses that want to answer common questions. However, instead of the standard and rather mundane Q&A section, the one on Facebook Pages can be fun and dynamic.

Besides these changes, Facebook is also offering a lot more granular control to Facebook Page Admins. Facebook is attempting to make the job of Page Admins a little simpler so that they can focus more on engagement rather than being buried under micro-management.

New Facebook Pages
Pic credit: Facebook

Page admins can now assign access permissions more granularly to people. In other words, there can be varying levels of access to perform specific tasks across Insights, Ads, Content, Community Activity, and Messages.

Page admins have a new interface for the set of admin tools. A new “Manage” button on the Page allows admins direct entry to managing permissions, adding new admins, and accessing insights.

One of the most important backend improvements is the AI-driven moderation platform. Page admins should be able to better control “hate speech comments, violent, sexual, spammy content, impersonator accounts, and phishing.”

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