Microsoft Teams to get its own ‘Video Filters’: Consumer-friendly aspects such as Beauty Filters and Virtual Background rival Zoom?

Microsoft Teams Video Filters
Professional appearance customization tools. Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams could soon get its very own Beauty Filters. The feature is called ‘Video Filters’ and it is Microsoft’s attempt at introducing more consumer-friendly aspects that rival Zoom.

Zoom and Teams already have the ability to add video or beauty filters from the Snapchat Camera app, available for Windows 10 and macOS desktop. However, moving ahead, Teams users will have their own appearance customization tools instead of Snapchat filters.

Microsoft offers more features to ‘Video Filters’ in Teams app for Windows 10 and Windows 11:

The Windows OS maker has deeply integrated the Microsoft Teams platform within Windows 11 OS. In fact, Microsoft has apparently replaced a couple of platforms to assimilate the app within the upcoming Windows iteration.

Microsoft recently added the Video Filter features to Microsoft Teams roadmap. The feature is quite different compared to Snapchat filters.

Recently, Microsoft offered Snapchat Camera integration within Teams. This meant Teams users could use multiple “masks” or filters that dynamically move with the face.

However, the new Video Filters have a more professional approach. According to the roadmap, the new feature will adjust the lighting levels, and smooth out facial features, thereby letting users customize their appearance.

Microsoft has mentioned that users can apply Video Filters “before joining a meeting”. This clearly suggests users may have to finetune and set the feature beforehand. Snapchat Camera filters, on the other hand, are dynamic, and users can alter them during meetings as well.

The new Video Filters should complement other consumer-focused features such as the ability to set virtual backgrounds. However, Microsoft isn’t the first company to offer such cosmetic tools. Microsoft Teams main rival Zoom has been offering such filters and customization options for quite some.

How to use Video Filters in Microsoft Teams?

The roadmap for Video Filters mentions the feature is currently in active development. However, it also indicates general availability in August 2021, which is less than a fortnight away.

The Teams client for Windows 10 and Windows 11 should have the feature first. There has been some debate about the usefulness of the feature inside Teams.

Some experts suggest Microsoft is keen to push the Teams usage among teenagers and children, apart from adults. Distance learning and virtual classes have become the norm.

Young adults are now joining virtual videoconferences as frequently as adults. If Teams wants to become a “one size fits all” built-in communication platform in Windows 11, it needs to compete with other platforms.

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