Microsoft testing ‘Update Stack Package’: New delivery optimization feature to ensure ‘best and least’ disruptive experience while successfully updating Windows OS

Microsoft Windows Update Stack Package Delivery Feature
An update to improve updates. Pic credit: Christiaan Colen/Flickr

The process of updating the Windows operating system is often stressful. Microsoft is now testing a new ‘Update Stack Package’ feature. It will try to optimize the delivery of updates, ensuring the highest likelihood of successfully installing the same.

Microsoft is testing a new method to deliver Windows updates. The new feature addresses some of the common grudges about the update delivery and installation on Windows OS.

Microsoft attempting to deliver improvements to the Windows OS update experience, ensuring the highest probability of successful installation:

Windows Update has undoubtedly been one of the most bothersome aspects of the Windows operating system in recent times. Be it large Cumulative Feature Updates, Security Updates, or even small Patch Tuesday Updates, there have been several occasions, where a reliably working PC was negatively impacted.

Presumably understanding the same, Microsoft has reportedly been developing the Update Stack Package feature. Windows Insider Program participants are currently testing the same.

The new feature apparently attempts to deliver improvements to the update experience outside of major OS updates. This happens before monthly or features Windows updates. In other words, the feature will work in addition to the regular update schedule for Windows OS.

Speaking about the new feature, a member of the Windows Insider team explained: “The Update Stack Package will help ensure that your PC has the highest likelihood of successfully installing new updates with the best and least disruptive experience available.”

The Update Stack Package is limited to a small set of update-related Windows system files. The team behind the feature has developed the same to function independently of the operating system.

The new feature should roll out through the standard Windows Update platform. Customers enrolled in the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider program, should receive the same in the near future.

What will the Update Stack Package feature try to achieve and improve in the way Microsoft delivers updates to the Windows OS?

Microsoft recently indicated that moving ahead, updates for Windows OS would be quite smaller and more efficient. The company claims updates could be as much as 40 percent smaller.

Microsoft has apparently achieved the size reduction by “removing reverse differentials from the cumulative update package and using more efficient packaging.”

The Update Stack Package could help Microsoft’s Windows Update package compiler and deployment team. The feature could work on the client’s PC and ascertain which files are currently present, and inform Microsoft about the files that it should send to successfully install new features.

Moving ahead, all Cumulative Update delivery channels, including the Microsoft Update Catalog, Windows Update, Windows Update for Business, Windows Server Update Services, and Dynamic Update could follow this deployment strategy.

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