Microsoft Windows 11 two-layer ‘Context Menu’ is here to stay: ‘Show more options’ will only receive cosmetic improvements to match its visual style with OS

Windows 11 Context Menu
Right-Click menu design is final in Windows 11? Pic credit: Microsoft via BleepingComputer

Microsoft made a rather big change to a powerful feature of the Windows Operating System. The Context Menu in Windows 11 has two layers, and “Show more options’ is apparently not going to go away.

Windows 11 has a two-layered Right-Click Menu. Apparently, in an effort to simplify or dumb down the right-click menu options, Microsoft merely shifted more advanced options behind the “Show More Options” option.

Situation-specific Context Menu remains the most mismatched aspect of Windows 11:

There’s little doubt that one of the biggest “innovations” within Windows 11 is aesthetics. Microsoft has clearly worked hard to revise the looks of the OS and ensured it looks way different than Windows 10.

The most obvious candidate that has undergone cosmetic changes, is the Taskbar. Microsoft has changed multiple aspects of Taskbar, the horizontal menu that resides on the bottom.

Users cannot move the Taskbar, and can neither add nor remove elements as easily as they did in Windows 10. The second most changed aspect of Windows 11 is the situation, application, action, and file-specific Context Menu.

The Context Menu essentially offers “Advanced” options whenever Windows OS users right-click on a file, shortcut, folder, or other elements.

Previously, the Context Menu displayed multiple options. Windows OS users could also bring up even more actions when they held down the ‘Shift’ key while pressing right-click.

Microsoft has significantly altered the Context Menu in Windows 11. It now has two layers. Microsoft has basically offered a highly simplified interface of the function.

The redesigned Context Menu now shows actions s such as Copy, Cut, and Delete as mere icons. Scissors represent Cut, Two sheets of paper represent Copy, and a Trash can represents Delete.

Microsoft promises to improve the Right-Click menu but the two layers are here to stay?

If Windows 11 users are looking for extended functionality in the Context Menu, they have to click on “Show more options”. Needless to mention, this menu looks and feels similar to the one present in Windows 10.

For quite some time, the Context Menu in Windows 11 has had some problems with design, especially related to spacing. Needless to mention, the menu still looks and feels rather odd or out of place.

Microsoft has reportedly indicated it wants to revise the second level of the Windows 11 Context Menu. The company recently implied that it is yet to fully adopt the Context Menu to the look of the latest operating system.

The reason for the Context Menu to look out of place in the new OS is quite obvious. Microsoft essentially “imported” the same from Windows 10.

Microsoft has indicated it will infuse accent colors as per user preference. The company is also reportedly looking at improving the performance and responsiveness of the Right-Click menu.

Despite the promised improvements, Microsoft will retain the two-layered approach. It is not clear why the company wants users to perform additional actions.

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