TikTok offers ‘Green Screen Duet’ feature which combines two popular features into one

TikTok Green Screen Duet
TikTok smashed two features together to ‘inspire new formats’. Pic credit: Kon Karampelas/Pixabay

TikTok has clubbed two of its most popular features into a single one. The Duet and Green Screen features are also available separately.

The popular short video sharing platform has confirmed Green Screen Duet. As the name suggests, TikTok has taken two of its most widely used features and smashed them together.

How does TikTok Green Screen Duet work?

TikTok has combined the existing Duet and Green Screen formats. Earlier, the Duet feature allowed two TikTok videos to play simultaneously as tiles. Meanwhile, the Green Screen feature allows video creators to replace the background.

With Green Screen Duet, video creators will be able to use another TikTok video as a background. The new feature now appears as an option in the Duet layout menu.

Like all duets, TikTok will tag the creator of the original video in the caption of the new one. Needless to mention, the new feature should be useful for people who already use TikTok’s “green screen” to put images in the background of their videos, or edit videos to create a similar effect.

The feature will be available while a user accesses the Duet feature. Users will see the standard “Left & Right,” “React,” and “Top & Bottom” as usual.

“Green Screen” is the latest layout addition in Duet. It essentially gives users a new way to collaborate with existing content from across TikTok.

To use the new Green Screen Duet feature in TikTok:

  • First, Duet the video user wants to use as Green Screen background;
  • Select Green Screen from the Duet layout options
  • The Duetted video will play in the background of the new video as the user records the same

TikTok claims clubbing two features together will ‘inspire imaginative new formats’:

TikTok has been aggressively adding new features to the platform. Meanwhile, several leading social media platforms have simply adopted the viral short video platform.

Speaking about the new feature, TikTok said: “We’re combining the best of both worlds with the release of Green Screen Duet, a mashup of two TikTok favorites designed to inspire imaginative new formats for creativity and expression. The feature expands on both our creative effects and collaboration tools, bringing new content formats and expanded creativity to our community on TikTok.”

It seems TikTok is trying to offer a better immersive experience for “Reaction” videos. YouTube has experienced a deluge of such videos in which a content creator films himself while watching content with special emphasis on expressions or reactions.

Needless to mention, there’s a huge audience for Reaction videos. With the new feature, TikTok might be trying to make “Reaction TikToks” more visually cohesive than Duet and Stitches (where a clip of the original video plays for a few seconds before the new one starts).

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