Twitter will list reasons why a member did not earn the Blue Tick of Verified Account badge: Platform will also add new ‘influencer’ categories?

Twitter Blue Tick Verified Account
Twitter will cite reasons for rejection of Blue Tick? Pic credit: Tom Raftery/Flickr

Twitter has reinitiated its process to award the Blue Tick to members. Moving ahead, the social media network will also offer “more context” for rejecting an application and denying the Verified Account badge.

Earning the ‘Verified Account’ Blue Tick badge on Twitter has traditionally been a rather difficult task for many members. Now Twitter will offer some information about why the micro-blogging network rejects an application to earn the badge.

Twitter has begun accepting requests for the Blue Tick badge which denotes a verified account:

Starting last month, Twitter once again began accepting requests for the Blue Tick badge, which, on Twitter, denotes the account is “Verified”. Incidentally, verified does not mean anyone with valid identity proof can request the Blue Tick.

Apart from being a notable and “influential” personality, Twitter members did not have much idea about what could earn them the badge. Moreover, more often than not, several notable personalities did not succeed in earning the ‘Verified Account’ badge.

Simply put, Twitter did not offer any reason for rejecting an application. Moving ahead, however, the micro-blogging network will offer more detail to those who do not qualify.

It is not clear what reasons Twitter might offer that would explain the rejection. However, back when the social media platform indicated it was reopening the process, it had offered several qualifying criteria.

The verification application process requires users to choose a single eligible category that matches their account, a method of identity confirmation, and to submit a request a verification request.

Accounts that can request verification need a profile name and image, at least one login in the last six months, a confirmed email address or phone number, and no 12-hour or 7-day lockouts for violating Twitter rules in the previous year.

These criteria might appear simple and straightforward, but getting the Blue Tick is still rare. Verified accounts are always perceived as having more credibility.

Twitter adds more criteria applicants need to meet to be verified:

Apart from the previously mentioned requirements, Twitter has reportedly added a few more conditions that hopeful applicants must satisfy.

  • For any company/brand/organization and those applying as an activist/influential individual, your follower count must be in the top .05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region.
  • For journalists, your Twitter profile must reference the news org you’re affiliated with and link to its official website
  • The news org(s) you reference must be a notable, Verified organization as listed in twitter’s policy.
  • In the application, journalists must link to their specific about page/bio, or to articles that reference them on the news org’s official site.
  • Independent or freelance journalists must provide links to 3 articles in Verified publications in the 6 months before applying.

The micro-blogging network also noted that it will offer more guidelines within the application process to help applicants.

Interestingly, Twitter has also hinted that it may introduce more categories in time, such as scientists, academics, and religious leaders. Previously, influential members within just six categories could apply.

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