Twitter testing subscription-only ‘Undo’ option: Feature adds delay before Tweet is actually sent out

Twitter Undo Tweet Subscription
Will Twitter users pay for the ‘Undo Tweet’ option? Pic credit: www_slon_pics/Pixabay

Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature that adds a delay before Tweet actually goes out after hitting the ‘Tweet’ button. The platform could be attempting to add the ‘Undo Tweet’ feature as part of a paid subscription.

Twitter has been testing multiple features as the micro-blogging network wants to boost monetization. While Jack Dorsey’s first-ever Tweet still remains unsold as an NFT, the company is trying a paid ‘Undo Tweet’ function.

Twitter to charge users for delaying their Tweets from being published after hitting the Tweet button with ‘Undo Tweet’?

Twitter users have been trying hard to secure an ‘Edit’ button. However, the micro-blogging network has so far refused to oblige.

Instead of the ability to edit Tweets, the platform could be experimenting with offering a delay between hitting the Tweet button and the Tweet actually going out.

Prominent reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong indicated there seems to be a subscription page currently tied to the “Undo Tweet” functionality. As the name suggests, the platform would offer users a delay between hitting the Tweet button and the platform actually publishing the Tweet.

Strangely the feature only adds about a five-second delay during which users can use to undo a Tweet before Twitter sends it out. It is not clear why or if anyone would willingly pay Twitter to gain just five seconds.

The ‘Undo Tweet’ function seems very similar to the ‘Undo Email’ function Google offered inside Gmail. However, even this function seems to add a little more time.

It is not clear if five seconds are enough to spot potential typos or other mistakes. The delay might be enough to simply abort the Tweet altogether.

Although five seconds might seem short, Twitter might increase the time duration for subscribers. Interestingly, Twitter has officially confirmed to CNET that it is developing the ‘Undo Tweet’ function. However, the company refrained from commenting if it would ask users to pay for the same.

Twitter users can easily install ‘Refined Twitter Lite’ to add a much longer delay:

While Twitter is still experimenting with ‘Undo Tweet’, there’s a ready solution that adds a much longer delay. Moreover, it is free for Twitter users.

‘Refined Twitter Lite’ is an extension for the platform available on Google Chrome web browser’s ‘Chrome Web Store’. Twitter users can easily head to the extension’s page and add the same to the Google Chrome browser.

The extension has several functions and benefits, however, the delay feature is one of the most useful. Once installed, it modifies the Tweet button with a countdown timer. Users can modify the delay to whatever amount of time they desire.

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