With new changes and features LinkedIn is starting to look more like Instagram for job-seekers than a platform for professionals

LinkedIn Creator Microsoft
Microsoft reorienting professional networking website? Pic credit: Photo Mix/Pixabay

Ever since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, the tech giant has been adding several important features that help professionals seek jobs. However, with the latest set of features and functionalities, LinkedIn is starting to look like “Instagram for job hunters and influencers” rather than a serious platform for professionals.

LinkedIn has received a lot of new features that would roll out to users gradually. The platform has more than 740 Million users across the world. With these new features, Microsoft might be looking at boosting engagement and perhaps even monetization of content, users, and their services.

LinkedIn expanding scope and possibilities with new features and functions:

LinkedIn unveiled a series of new features that it will be rolling out over the coming months. These features seem to be an attempt at boosting engagement on the platform.

LinkedIn profiles, the “homepage” of individuals, will now include an optional field at the top next to a user’s name to specify their preferred pronouns. The company is building on tools that help showcase the specific skills of its users.

The highlight, however, is the new “Creator Mode”. It appears to be a democratic take on the rapidly increasing world of online influencers. LinkedIn promises “anyone can be a Creator if they so choose.”

Creator mode essentially turns the professional platform’s users into “experience-backed” industry influencers. Members can easily alter the “connect” button on the top of a user’s page to a “follow” button. Needless to add, this should help build engagement.

With the Creator Mode, LinkedIn will now prominently display Featured and Activity sections. Moreover, users can add hashtags to their profiles for topics specific to their interests. There’s also a dedicated ‘Services’ page which should prove useful especially for freelancers and contractors.

LinkedIn is also adding the ability to upload a video for the ‘Cover Story’. The short video could serve as the “first hello” which recruiters may find helpful.

Needless to add, Microsoft may have added the video feature to cater to the rapidly changing landscape of social media. Users today, are more inclined towards consuming and reacting to videos and multimedia.

Is Microsoft looking towards boosting monetization of content?

The majority of social media platforms have been aggressively pushing features that attempt to boost content monetization. Multiple platforms that Facebook owns, including the social media giant, have been exploring features that help users earn more.

Needless to add, with the features that LinkedIn is adding, soon, multiple users may refer to themselves as ‘LinkedIn Creator’. The platform is undoubtedly one of the few that has steadfastly tried to be the job seeker’s number one destination.

However, in the near future, LinkedIn might compete with platforms such as Fiverr or Freelancer.com. The Microsoft-owned digital platform is undoubtedly ripe with possibilities for job hunters, freelancers, and professionals who are looking for their next engagement.

Microsoft has been trying to own a mainstream social media platform with “influencer” and “content monetization” potential. It seems the company is now tweaking LinkedIn for these purposes.

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