Happy Wheels video roundup week 28

You know it is always going to end like this.

Well summer is well and truly here but you can’t be outside all the time and when you’re not what better way to spend the time than watching some maniacs play Happy Wheels. From the simple joy of blasting hapless Santa with a shotgun to hanging desperately to the controls of a Segway even when […]

Best GBA Games

Best GBA games featured image

When the Game Boy Advance came on the scene in 2001, it revolutionized portable gaming. During its run, this tiny handheld produced some of the most prestigious games in portable gaming history. Not only did some of these games rival those of consoles, they helped in shaping the future of gaming. Here is a list […]

Facebook Messenger No Longer Requires Facebook Account

You can now sign up for Facebook messenger and use the messaging app without owning a Facebook account, the company has revealed. The change is being implemented in the US, Canada, Peru and Venezuela but if it proves successful other countries will likely follow suit soon. Facebook hopes that not requiring people to have a […]

Dawn of the Sniper takes aim at Android

Dawn of the Sniper, the latest game from Canadian developer Brutal Studios, is available on Android from today. The game involves saving your fellow humans from a zombie apocalypse via your sniper skills. Most of the action takes place down your scope as you struggle to keep the undead back. Careful attention has to be […]

Batman: Arkham Knight launch trailer

The launch trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, which is due out tomorrow. The game is being being released by Warner Bros. and DC on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A post on Reddit says the first day patch for the Playstaion 4 is quite a whopper at 3.5GB, bearing in mind the main game […]

Warhammer: Storm of Magic (video)

Warhammer: Storm of Magic is the latest game in development based on one Games Workshop’s many tabletop games. This one is a mobile collectable card battler drawing on Warhammer Fantasy Battle where players can collect cards and fight battles all from their phone. The game is being developed by Hong Kong and Shanghai based Supersense, who say […]

Doom is back, check the screens and video

It was back in 1993 when ID Software traumatised the gaming world with the relentless assault that was Doom. With an immersive quality no other games at the time could touch and more gore than an explosion at a butchers ir had everything needed to be a huge global hit. It spawned a horse of […]

Happy Wheels: The Internet’s Most Popular Game

Happy Wheels started out as a project to kill time — but has ended up producing one of the most talked-about flash games in history. This unique ragdoll physics game has been around since 2010 to the delight or dismay (depending on who you talk to) of people all over the world. If you have […]