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Uphill Rush 2

Uphill Rush 2 follows on the swift heels of its predecessor. Again you have to rush through each level to beat the time limit all […]


Uphill Rush

Uphill Rush is the first in a series that continues to this day. The game involves rushing through a level performing stunts as you go […]


Bubble Spinner

Bubble Spinner is a twist on the classic bubble shooter genre of games. The aim of the game is to clear the bubbles from the […]


Free Rider 2

Free Rider 2 is a sideways scrolling action game where you design your own levels. Using the editor you can edit the environment and create […]


Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a bizarre and violent game that has wheels and may make you happy. You take charge of a character riding on some […]


Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird proved a massive hit when it was released for mobile devices with millions of copies being downloaded. This Flash version of Flappy Bird […]