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Bikini babe on a scooter, only in Brazil (video)

Well it takes all sorts and all sizes to make up the world.When you gotta be somewhere sometimes you just need to use whatever transport is handy.This lady shows how to take a ride on a scooter like a boss.Those little scooters are bulletproof!

Control Your Volvo With Apple Watch & Android Wear

You’ll soon be able to control much of a Volvo from your watch as the Swedish firm rolls out its Volvo On Call app on the devices from June.The app allows you to set the heater or air conditioning in the morning before you get to the car, so it’s ready for you to drive […]

Pickup walks the plank (video)

They canny take much more captain.
Sometimes you need to get a car on a boat and life just does not provide the right tools.However, in true Top Gear style these inventive folks get a couple of rickety looking planks and try to drive their pickup truck from the pier onto the ferry.Do they make it? Did the driver need new […]

Pharrell at Monaco GP

Pharrell has been living it up in Monaco after taking time out to watch the Grand Prix at the weekend. The Happy singer also spent time promoting his #iamother brand, posting pictures on Instagram of him next to Pastor Maldonado’s Lotus decked out with his name on it. The Happy singer also added a picture […]

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage

BMW have unveiled a BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage in tribute to the classic 3.0 CSL from the early 1970s.The German car giant said the new car — unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy — was a nod to the original model’s pioneering engineering which stood out from the crowd at the time thanks to […]

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The Duke of Argyll, A Dinner And A Proper Royal Salute

Some spirits just click with your chemistry. I’ve been around enough to know that tequila turns me into an enviable litigator, vodka is great for cleaning things, gin (the booze of my ill-spent youth) is slowly being flirted with once again, and bourbon…well perhaps just one for the Derby.  But Scotch always had my heart from the first J&B on the rocks my dad made me when I was of legal age. “Drink Scotch, and only Scotch, you’ll last the night and be safe,” he said. “And drink it slowly.”You can keep your Ledaig, Longrow, Ardmore, Kilchoman, Bowmore, and Springbank smoke […]

Pearl and the Beard Live At The Echoplex Review

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. The Echo & Echoplex is one of my favorite venues to go to because even if you have no idea what you are walking into, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time.On the night of May 28th, 2015, I thought I would be waltzing into some bands trying to be the next modern Bob Dylan’s and it just ending up being offensive. I was bewildered at what I had experienced, and had to reinforce the old saying of, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” The first band Goodnight, Texas […]

Slow West (review)

The men and women of the American western frontier make their plans but fate decides their disposition in this stylish western noir.John Maclean’s directorial debut is a slow and steady look at love turned deadly. Of course there is a lot that turns deadly in this gritty New Zealand western. By the end of the film there are more corpses than in Clint Eastwood’s “High Plains Drifter.” However, this is not the fault of lead Michael Fassbender, playing Silas Selleck, outlaw turned self-searching drifter. Things just turned out that way. But then, Silas knew they would.This ethereal creepiness saturates the […]

Aloha (review)

Safe and sane hip dialogue, beautiful people and a cast to die for drive this rom-com one step ahead of the crowd.Cameron Crowe’s first feature in four years kicks off the spring movie season in style. Bradley Cooper, playing ne’er-do-well Brian Gilcrest, combines his “American Sniper” elite military role with his government dark ops hustler role in “American Hustle” and the results are amazing. Thanks to his military bearing there is not a lot of acting required, just a uniformly tough guy outlook hiding a mortally injured soul. But that will soon come to a screeching halt.Crowe’s screenplay starts off […]

San Andreas (review)

The lack of acting and screenplay is hardly a bump in the road for this hyperventilating 3D quake-a-palooza.When the big one hits, where will you be? Wherever you are, you had better hope Los Angeles emergency rescue chopper pilot Ray (Duane Johnson) is close by. He will tip his helicopter into a chasm the width of your refrigerator and pluck you out of a Hades of twisted steel and burning buildings faster than you can say Richter scale.If his helicopter breaks down in mid-air he will land it safely with hardly a bruise, steal a pickup truck after taking the […]

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