Casual Games Update March 17th

A look at the casual games that have been added to our network of sites over the last few days. The usual mixture of new and old but we do actually play all the games so we don't add any that are totally crap. Some  games sites sponsor what is essentally the same game over […]


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Screens and Video

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, is a standalone prequel to first-person shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order. The game is being developed by MachineGames and due for release digitally and in stores from May 5 for the PS4 and PC. The Xbox One will be digital only.  Wolfenstein: The New Order was released in May 2014 and […]

Protect the pineapple!

Happy Wheels Weekly Video Roundup 10 March

Well another week whizzes past, almost as fast as one of your limbs in a level of Happy Wheels. The usual crowd of suspects have been busy creating Happy Wheels videos for your viewing amusment.  Jacksepticeye's You Don't Need Legs was the winner this week with over 1 million views, then Mini Ladd (whose videos we'd […]

Just as well he is wearing his helmet eh!

Happy Wheels Weekly Video Roundup 27 Feb

Well our weekly fix of Happy Wheels madness as put together by various obsessives across the web, a little late with this one so apologies.  This week the rending and wrenching continues unabated as Markiplier hits his Happy Wheels Highlights number 74 with over 800K views and Dashie is back with a truly impossible level…watch […]

Artist's concept of wind from black hole. NASA/JPL-Caltech

Ever Wonder How Black Hole Winds Blow?

Supermassive black holes situated at the center of galaxies blast out ultra-fast winds and radiation. New data from the NASA and the European Space Agency shows that the winds blow in an almost spherical manner and go out in all direction, ruling out the idea that they blow in a narrow beam. The data came […]

The Antennae Galaxies.

Colliding Galaxy Pictures

A cool gallery of colliding galaxies featuring some pretty amazing shots though it is very hard to comprehend the scale. Known as interacting galaxies, these are ones whose gravitational fields are affecting one another. So one might pull on the arms of another or in more extreme cases the two can collide. Our own Milky […]

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Jeremy Clarkson sacking in his own words (video)

This is a great little clip with bits from Top Gear edited together by Jon Harvey.Jeremy Clarkson gets to tell us how it is, in his own unique style.Roll the tape.

12 Cars Given The Catwalk Treatment By Fashion Designers

The Bijan Pakzad Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
There was a time when the idea of a fashion designer collaborating with a car manufacturer would have seemed laughable, and to some, it probably still is. Yet in an age where style, lavishness and luxury seem to be the flavor of the month, you might have to get used to seeing this unusual combination […]

New Jaguar XF Revealed

The new Jaguar XF was revealed in dramatic fashion yesterday, with a high-wire stunt in London.Stunt man Jim Dowdall, who has worked on Bond and Bourne movies, drove the new XF 240 meters across the river via a high-wire at London’s Canary Wharf.The XF uses Jaguar’s aluminium architecture like the XE and as such is 190kg […]

Jeremy Clarkson scrapped by BBC

Jeremy Clarkson will not be heading back to Top Gear after the BBC declined to renew his contract.The BBC’s director general Tony Hall said his decision not to invite Clarkson back would “divide opinion” and that he had “not taken this decision lightly.”He also said: “There cannot be one rule for one and one rule […]

Not Very Smart Parking (video)

Small car and a huge space, what a dilemma.
Smart car and big parking space, what could go wrong?Everyone has had some trouble parking a car at some point. Maybe a new car or a tight space or sometimes just a very busy street where there is pressure to do it in one.This driver in Spain has a quiet street, a huge space and […]

A look at the casual games that have been added to our network of sites over the last few days. The usual mixture of new and old but we do actually play all the games so we don't add any that are totally crap. Some  games sites sponsor what is essentally the same game over […]

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Monsters and Critics

Make Time for Russian Post Punks Motorama

When we think about Russia a few things come to mind, Vodka, Stalin, and anger. Very little is actually known about the music scene there. They have a wide variety of genres including the ignorant rap we occasionally subject our ears to, to classic rock n’ roll. Coming from a Russian family I thought I had pretty much heard it all. Until Motorama came into my life. All the Russian music I had been listening to previously was all in Russian. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s a bit harder to pick up on the slang when it’s being sung. […]

Live Review: Gang of Four Live At El Rey, March 24

It’s a Tuesday night, March 25th 2015 to be exact. All the shops and museums along Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile District of the great city of Los Angeles are closed. Cal-Trans is hard at work accomplishing some task that entails tearing up and repaving the asphalt between La Brea and La Cienega, people have long since left work and most have already had dinner and are now beginning to watch some night time television either by themselves or with their families to unwind from a long day at work. The street lights shine brightly in all their newly […]

Beatport Enters Mobile Streaming With New Apps

Beatport, an SFX Entertainment company and the trusted home of the global dance music community, released a mobile app for iOS and Android devices today that will allow fans of electronic music to take all the features of the new Beatport experience with them on the go. “The evolution of Beatport involves far more than just streaming music,” said Greg Consiglio, President and COO of SFX. “We’ve built the definitive home of electronic music in all forms and formats, including festivals and events, streaming, music downloads and news and information available on web and mobile.”With the first-ever official Beatport mobile […]

Jeremy Clarkson fracas in his own words (video)

Top Gear will no doubt be back, but not as we know it.
Well the news has been filled by speculation over what would happen to Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson after he verbally and physically attacked one of the producers on the hit show.Yesterday we found out when the BBC decided not to renew his contract, though he may return to the broadcaster at a later date. The BBC says Top Gear will go on but it is not clear whether who will step in or whether the other presenters Richard Hammond and James May will stay. However, we never really heard an account of the incident from Jeremy himself, no fear […]

Easter Peeps Are Here, Dresses, Treats and Wait…Dresses?

Spring has sprung and with it comes the rebirth of the earth, the re-awakening of life… can you hear the chirps of the baby birds in the trees? It’s the time to shed the winter blues and enjoy the fresh new season of sunshine and smiles. It’s a time for Spring Break and parties and sun-dresses and Easter hats….you know, it’s Peep Time!!Kym Douglas, the wild child and beauty expert of the Home & Family host brigade on Hallmark Channel did just that…. Well, she actually went one step further and made a Peep sun dress for today’s (Thursday March […]